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Ice B' Gone Magic Salt

Designed for Driveways and Sidewalks

This makes the SnowDozer B.A.T. a standalone snowremoval tool. Not only can you push snow and place it wherever you want but you can use the backdrag to pull snow away from obstacles so you can push it wherever youw ant.


The B.A.T. Drag System allows you to see exactly where it is at all times, no more reaching blind.

The circular shape of the tire, as pictured below, allows you 100% visibility. This reduces damages caused by reaching blindly.


The B.A.T. Drag System wears very slowly.

The Back Drag System is made out of underground mining tires. This rubber is very durable and has a derometer hardness of 68-72. Most extrutted rubber has a derometer hardness of 35-50. With a derometer hardness of our backdrag, our backdrag will overtime wear rather than tear like the extrutted rubber. Thus making it user friendly and longer lasting.


Tire Plow B.A.T. Drag
Tire Snow Plow B.A.T. Drag

The B.A.T. Drag scrapes great and you will love knowning where the B.A.T. Drag is at! No more guessing!

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