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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the B.A.T. last?

The first B.A.T. was made 10 years ago and is still being used today.


If I use the B.A.T. will I have to salt more?

No, because the B.A.T. scrapes as good as any pickup, plow and boxscraper available.


Does the B.A.T. leave black rubber marks on the concrete after the season is over?

No we have not had this issue.


Can I charge more when using the B.A.T.? why?

Some of my customers do charge more when using the B.A.T. You will move snow faster and safer. The damage that can be caused to property, equipment, and operators is greatly diminished.


Why is the sidewall left on? Wouldn't you get a better scrape if you cut 8" off?

No, the tires are cut based on performance. The side wall reduces wear and scrapes better than removing it. Also cutting the tire back further will get you into the tread, this would leave snow lines.


Isn't the B.A.T. just a used tire cut in half? Why does it cost more than a pusher box? 

Yes, It is a used tire cut in half. The B.A.T. is made out of a specific kind of tire that is hard to find in the U.S, shipping from Canada is expensive. Cutting metal is easier than cutting rubber tires, which is another reason the cost is more. All of the frames are over built so that you, the customer, have piece of mind that it will last. When you compare the B.A.T. with other box scrapers it is comparable and less than some.

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