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The SnowDozer B.A.T.

The SnowDozer B.A.T.'s pushing unit is made of impact absorbing material!

Ever hit a curb? Yes? It can ruin your day! If you push snow or own the equipment this is one of the greatest benefits of the B.A.T. The Snowdozer's specialized design incorporates impact absorbing material that reduces or eliminates that "crashing" feeling and the damage that is caused by hitting hard objects. This can save thousands of dollars in equipment repair, curb replacement and other maintenance costs.


The B.A.T. is made of anti-snow stick material.

Unlike other snow removal equipment, the SnowDozer B.A.T.'s anti-snow stick rubberized material keeps snow from sticking to and clogging up the unit! This saves a great deal of time and aggravation.


No need to EVER replace a cutting edge on the SnowDozer B.A.T!

If you push a lot of snow replacing the cutting edge is a real expense. On the B.A.T. there are no cutting edges to ever replace! Our anti-wear and self sharpening designs take care of that! This one feature alone can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your SnowDozer!


The B.A.T. does not wear.

Heat and friction cause wear, when plowing snow there is no heat and very little friction. 


The B.A.T. is a versatile product.

The B.A.T. can be used for pushing snow, grain, sludge, tree piles, manuer and much more.


The B.A.T. is EcoFriendly!

Tires do not decompose. They cannot be land filled unless shredded before, otherwise they will rise back to the surface. Scientists estimate that tires take thousands of years to decompose. Repurposing used tires to make our products is great for the environment! 


The B.A.T. comes in 4 different sizes.


SnowDozer B.A.T. Skid Loader Configuration 8'-9' 


SnowDozer B.A.T. Skid Loader Configuration 9'-10'  Our Most Popular Size!


SnowDozer B.A.T. Tractor Configuration 9'-10'


SnowDozer B.A.T. Payloader Configuration 11'-12' 

Tire Snow Plow is eco friendly
Eco Friendly!
Tire Snow Plow SnowDozer B.A.T.
Tire Plow SnowDozer B.A.T.

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